ARC is a humane education 501(c) nonprofit organization based in southern Connecticut that unites children and animals throughout the tri-state area. Through after-school programming, on-site workshops, and teacher support materials, children learn real-life skills, including compassion and empathy. In turn, they are guided to become better global citizens, for the benefit of animals and people alike.

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Our after-school programming, in-school workshops, ARC Ambassadors program, and fostering opportunities all provide platforms for young animal lovers to actively help animals in their community and in turn, practice the valuable life skills of compassion and empathy.

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ARC’s classroom programming leverages the innate connection between children and animals to teach kindness and empathy. If you’re in the tri-state area, we offer in-person classroom workshops. For other locales, our downloadable lesson-plans can be used anywhere.

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ARC partners with local shelters and rescue groups to determine ways we can benefit animals in need in our community. We know that you are often stretched thin with day-to-day responsibilities and may be taxed resource-wise, and our goal is to support your efforts.

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Compassionate kids can change the world. And we need compassionate adults to help make it happen. In addition to our programming, we’ve cultivated a special network of some of the hardest working rescues in our community. Click through to learn more and support their work.

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