Parents & Families

ARC provides after-school programming and in-school workshops for children in grades K-3 throughout the lower tri-state area. We also have an ARC Ambassadors program, which provides a platform for young animal lovers (age 18 and under) to actively help animals in their communities.

Benefits to Children:

  • Our humane education programming underscores the importance of empathy. Research shows that humane education is a key building block to socio-emotional intelligence. It also decreases bullying, enhances school relationships and improves academic achievement. Studies show that empathetic children are more resilient and better able to handle stress as well.
  • For young animal lovers, children who have a fear of dogs or children who are not able to have pets at home, ARC offers a compassionate approach and the opportunity to have safe exposure to pets. Studies show that children who have relationships with animals have higher self-esteem.
  • Through ARC, children gain confidence learning that they are able to effect change in the lives of animals.

For Your Children:

  • Find out information on our current and upcoming after-school classes.
  • If you’d like to see our humane education programming at your child’s school, please direct your teachers to our website, or reach out via our contact form.
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ARC Ambassadors Program

Elementary & Middle School

ARC organizes group fundraisers and events for compassionate kids to help animals. Through age-appropriate events like lemonade stands and bake sales, children decide how they want to help, and where they’d like to allocate money raised.

High School

ARC offers opportunities for high school students through our ARC Ambassadors program, partnering students with local shelters to design, market and promote the adoption process for individual animals. This partnership helps local rescues save more animals, and provides high school students with invaluable real-life, compassion-focused business skills.

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ARC’s Foster Network

Many local animal rescue groups rely on foster families to provide shelter to their pets while looking for their forever families. Rescues typically provide all the supplies needed; you provide a loving place for the pet to stay.
Fostering provides an invaluable hands-on opportunity to teach children compassion and to help out animals in need.

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Make a Donation

At ARC, we are constantly learning about new organizations saving homeless animals, and we’re forging partnerships with the best of them. We collaborate with our shelter partners on fundraising and education events, and we believe fully in the amazing work they do — every single day — to help save animals and spread awareness about pet adoption. The people who run these shelters are examples of empathy in action! Click to learn more about our current shelter partners and help them continue the good work they do.