Teachers Agree on the Many Benefits of Pets in the Classroom

A lot of the education-based research we’ve relied on to support ARC’s mission and our curriculum is based off of lengthy scientific research articles that are often difficult and time consuming to work through. That’s why it was so refreshing to stumble across this brief, teacher-based article that supports our work. The article reports the findings of a survey across 1,172 teachers in the United States and Canada, focused on the use of pets in classrooms.

The survey found that having a pet in the classroom helps to:

  • Teach students empathy and respect for living things;
  • Boost student leadership skills;
  • Encourage student participation;
  • Promote students’ interest in animal science;
  • Grow students’ responsibility;
  • Educate students on important life issues, including health and death;
  • Decrease behavioral issues in the classroom;
  • Increase calm energy and de-stresses the classroom

Read more about how these teachers used pets in the classroom and what results they found in this short, compelling article:

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